D.O.T. code trailers & non code trailers

At Majona Steel, we manufacture several types of on-road and off-road tanker trailers. Our core area of expertise lies in designing and building pressure vessel trailers, under our ASME "U" stamp certification to construct pressure vessels up to 10,000 psi. Our most popular models are the MC 312 and MC 331 trailers. We also hold the ASME "R" stamp and are capable of repairing code-based vessels in our facility.

Our core sales process is focused on our customer's long term satisfaction. When our trailers are considered, we discuss our customer's requirements for operations, maintainability, and if required, financing options. Our customer consider and approve each aspect of the trailer's design spec. This is important to insure our customer is getting the exact trailer to meet their needs. When the specification phase is complete we will submit a formal quote for unit price and delivery. Our sales and design teams will guide you every step of the way.

• 130 bbl Water Vac Trailers
• 150 bbl Water Vac Trailers
• 160 bbl Water Vac Trailers
• 190 bbl Water Vac Trailers
• Kill Trailers (water)
• Water Transport Trailers
• 130 bbl Heavy Duty HLC Trailers
• 5000 Gallon Standard Transport HLC Trailers
• 5000 Gallon Aq-HF Transport Trailers
(NEW FOR 2013)
• 11,600 Gallon LP Transport Trailers
• 11,600 Gallon Anhydrous Amonia Transport Trailers

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