DOT 412 Carbon Steel Trailers:

Majona's DOT 412 trailers were originally used to transport HCL for oil field fracking operations. Like the water vac trailers, Majona's design team visited the operations sites in west Texas to interview production workers about what they would want in an oil field HCL trailer. The result was our first 130 Bbl HCL trailer. With a carbon steel frame and shell, this trailer is lined with a specialized material engineered to work with specific chemicals. We ask for the chemical composition and temperature and are given the Blair Rubber Company recommended lining. The lining material is installed by a credentialed industry leader. This 130 Bbl HCL trailer also was an instant success in the Midland / Odessa area of Texas. Soon this trailer could be found in operations from Texas to Minnesota. It was built to withstand the daily rigors of long heavy loads on unrefined road surfaces. From Texas heat to North Dakota cold, it passes the durability test again and again.

We soon realized that transport trucking companies needed an equally well designed transport trailer, but more in tune to the weight and load requirements of the highway transport market. Following the same customer research process, we soon developed the lighter weight 5,000 gallon HCL transport trailer. In addition to HCL, these trailers can also be used for other chemicals such as bleach. This newly designed trailer achieves weight reduction without sacrificing structural strength and operational maintainability.

The Majona DOT412 trailer is very versatile as well as economical. Its design has been time tested and proven. If you are looking for a chemical transport solution, the Majona DOT 412 trailer is a common sense choice. Call or email our sales team today to learn more about our DOT 412 trailer equipment.

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